One of our London clients asked us to design and print triple layered business cards for their entire company. They specifically wanted a green inner layer. These are very thick business cards but are really attention grabbing as they stand out from others.

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We have successfully stored, picked and packed in excess of 500 products recently. Not only that, we have also preconfigured and setup a number of number of devices for the client so we can distribute to the purchasers. This involves installing a system (using Raspberry Pi), and configuring sensors, including significant numbers in a couple of orders.

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Digital marketing for small businesses

Three out of every four small and medium sized businesses use digital marketing to attract new customers. This is because it is now a necessary part of running a marketing campaign. The internet has changed the marketing industry, making it easier for businesses to find ways to reach customers in new markets than ever before.

The importance of digital marketing

What do you consider to be the most important aspects of digital marketing? What does this have to do with your company? Digital marketing has a myriad of benefits for your company. It can be used to help build brand recognition, increase sales, and attract new customers. Most importantly you can tell people you exist, here's your business and here's what you do.

Digital marketing tips for small businesses

It is no secret that running a small business is a monumental task. It takes a lot of time and effort to keep your business afloat, especially in an era that is digital-centric. With so many digital platforms, the competition fierce with social media, and the potential for increased visibility, here are some digital marketing tips for small businesses!

1. Create a Facebook Page - a business one, don't rely on a personal one
2. Create an Instagram Page - connect it to your facebook account.
3. Get nervenet (that's us) to design and build you a new website.
4. Connect the new website to your social media so you don't have to manage multiple social media accounts.
5. Blog, Blog, Blog

What do I do now?

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Website design and development for a large pharma company in Oxfordshire. The main features of the site were to allow users to register for a trade account or as retail customers. It wasn’t the usual wholesale customer as no minimum purchase is required. Certain products can either be sold exclusively in the UK and some can’t be sold in other countries. The site is responsive to mobile phone users. As part of the e-commerce integration, Google schemas have been created to boost product visibility within shopping channels. It also populates the client's Facebook shop. The website has been built to grow as the product range expands.

The old website was failing to bring in new sales, so a complete overhaul was required to bring it up to scratch with SEO best practices. The backend of the website has been developed with some automation in mind, besides the publishing of various schema’s, purchasers are emailed to provide feedback and reviews (GDPR compliant)
As well as the website, we designed the logo and branding and nervenet are providing consultancy to the company for their graphic and website needs.
If you need help with a project or want to know more about how we can support your business needs, please contact us for a chat. 01295 236 366, fill in the contact form below or find us Facebook

If you need help with your project

...or want to know more about how we can support your business needs,
please contact us for a chat. 01295 236 366, fill in the contact form below or find us on Facebook
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