How to promote your business for FREE

There are loads of free ways to promote your business, the most obvious one's are

Facebook Page, Facebook Groups, Facebook Live, Facebook Stories, Facebook Page Stories, Facebook Messenger Stories, Facebook Messenger Bots, Facebook Watch Parties & Facebook Events

Pinterest Page, Pinterest Communities, Pinterest Tribes, Pinterest Group Boards

Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live

Twitter Account, Twitter Group Chats

Other free ways to list your business

You Tube Page, YouTube Live

Snap Chat

Email Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Host a Webinar, Be a Webinar Guest

Write Your Own Blog, Guest Blogging

LinkedIn Posts, Linked In Messages, Linked In Groups

Host a Podcast, Be a Guest on a Podcast

Sign up to Directories (Free Listings)
Google my Business
Banbury Business Directory

If you're in Banbury or the surrounding area, you can have a free listing for any business within 15 miles of Banbury.
Any listing will help with your search engine placement and general SEO

Find the web address for one of your review pages and add it your emails, We also recommend shortening it using a URL shortner. (Bitly
Here's our (feel free to add a reivew)

Press Release
A great way to tell the press about what you do, how you've done it etc, someone may just pick up on it.

There are plenty of different ways to promote your business, this is just a few of them. If you want to share anymore ways then just let us know.
We can help with many different aspects of business promotion from digital online services, through to printed literature, branded clothing, Car Wraps etc
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May 14, 2021
Digital Marketing & Content

Digital marketing for small businesses

Three out of every four small and medium sized businesses use digital marketing to attract new customers. This is because it is now a necessary part of running a marketing campaign. The internet has changed the marketing industry, making it easier for businesses to find ways to reach customers in new markets than ever before.

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June 19, 2020
Web Design Project: e-commerce website

Website design and development for a large pharma company in Oxfordshire. The main features of the site were to allow users to register for a trade account or as retail customers. It wasn’t the usual wholesale customer as no minimum purchase is required. Certain products can either be sold exclusively in the UK and some […]

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February 12, 2020
New Digital Video Services

We are partnering with a digital video company to offer different levels of digital video services (don't worry they're one of our clients). Anything from a 30 second clip to share on social media, or a news style digital video shoot to really let your potential and current customers know about you and your business. […]

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November 9, 2019
New logo design for international client

New logo for a new client. Luxembourg based business awards nervenet a branding project to create a new logo, website and business stationery. After completing both of our logo design and web design questionnaires to gain an insight into how the business worked, planned, and operated, what their goals were, etc. Nervenet™ provided a number […]

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