Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to improving the rating of your website on search engines.

Recently we were recommended by one of our clients - Squareye Television to DCA Equipment. A new website had been built for them by another company. However there rankings on search engines was pretty much non-existent. After an initial meeting, we produced them a report detailing the issues and how we could fix them. DCA equipment agreed with our findings and commissioned us to improve their SEO ranking.

The numbers speak for themselves it went from mostly 0 (zero) impressions to 11,815 impressions with in a 4-6 week period. We not only added relevant keywords, we included the use of landing pages. Keyword specific pages that are primary targets for a particular search phrase. In some instances we are now seeing DCA Equipment listed several times for certain keyword searches.

Malcolm Finch from Nervenet handles all of our internet activities. He understands our requirements and the service he gives is first class. He has helped us to get two websites up and running and is always on hand to help with technical questions and advice. I have already recommended him to a number of colleagues and will continue to do so. A first class service!

We have just launched a new site for Squareye Television.
The site incorporates video streaming which is handy as they are a television production company. Jon (the MD) is able to update the site with the latest news from his Iphone which is great as he is on location for most of his time.

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