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There's a lot of competition out there, whatever your business. Some can be competing across the globe and other just locally. There are different approaches to each requirement and there are many factors that can influence the outcome of how and where your business may feature online. At nervenet we have extensive knowledge of how best to promote your digital presence.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. This entails careful review of your content, implementing the correct usage of keywords, meta tags and content structure. Even checking details such as Alt Tags on images. If we design and build you a website this a core foundation we use to our sites builds, ensuring your website starts off on the right foot.

PPC - Pay Per Click. New sites, new products or even a boost to an existing site could benefit from some PPC once in a while. PPC is bidding to get a better placement at the top of search result pages. Some areas of business have a lot of competition from a lot of businesses. Small businesses still need to stand against large business in search terms. Insurance for instance.
Effectively you're paying for people to visit your website. It's an incredibly effective marketing tool.

SEO is referred to as organic searching and PPC to as sponsored searching. PPC isn't just for Google and Bing. Facebook and other social media platforms now offered sponsored search results.

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