Who owns the design rights?

So you hire a designer...

You want a logo, business cards, flyers and website. They design you a brilliant logo, the printed materials and the website. Brilliant so far.
Then you decide you want a brochure, so you ask your designer for an estimate, they come back with a price, Jeez that's expensive. You try a few other places who are cheaper, you decide to use someone else. They start work on the new design, but you need a copy of the high res logo, so you ask the original designer to send it to you. It's your logo after all....

Not anymore (* Conditions apply)

Since October 2014 any work undertaken by a designer that you've commissioned remains under their right and not your's. Therefore any further use of the 'design' is owned by them even as an 'unprotected design'.

We are yet to see the consequences or the implications of this change in design rights at nervenet, however we have changed our Terms & Conditions to reflect this. Moreover we are very flexible and understanding and won't openly hold all designs under tight and stringent restraints. If you have any issues about this then please contact me for a chat.

Here's a link to the document [LINK TO PDF]

* Condition - Only applies to any work started on or after 1st October 2014. This applies to anything creative including writing, video, graphics, design and music.

Header image source - https://www.gov.uk/topic/intellectual-property/designs

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